Session Details & Cost


Initial Consultation Up to 90 minutes £50 + Relaxation Audio
General Therapy Sessions 50 minutes £50
Stop Smoking Session * 90-120 mins £150

* Stop smoking is a one-off session that does not require an Initial Consultation.

During the Initial Consultation I will gather the necessary information to develop a course of treatment for you.  I will also explain what hypnotherapy is and provide an explanation of how the brain works and why we suffer in the way that we do.

Below are expected treatment times:

Depression/Anxiety = 8 – 12 weekly sessions

Fear and Phobias = 4 weekly sessions

Self-Hypnosis for Childbirth = 4 to 6 sessions

Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment.  If 48 hours notice is not given the full appointment rate will be charged.

All information discussed during sessions with a clients remains confidential.